6G Spiritual Intelligence Flipbook

Free for Your Intellectual Stimulation

6G Spiritual Intelligence has 91 pages. When you become familiar with the window that contains my new digital book in “flipbook” format, you will see the arrows on each side of the platform to flip the pages forward or backward.  The Table of Contents are linked to each beginning page.

The icons across the bottom of the screen will allow you to zoom in or out; set it to automatically play and stop the pages; list the pages down left side; share on social media; turn sound on or off; click the diagonal arrows second from the right for full screen, (which is the best way to read it); and toggle from single to double pages. The center arrow will allow you to download the entire book to PDF, and save it to your device files.

When you have saved the PDF file, depending on the PDF Reader you have, you may be able to listen to it being read, which is another option.

6G Spiritual Intelligence Flipbook