June 2017 – Changes for Webstable Soup!

You know how sometimes you just have to clean house and consolidate some of your stuff?  Well, that;s what I have been doing this month with my websites. The  most useful ones to me will remain the same for awhile, until the hosting servers expire; then they will be completely incorporated and, hopefully, will be better with reorganization.  Please excuse the construction mess.

Now there are only 2 main websites that I keep for myself:

  1. https://webwords.us is now a secure site.  This is my at-home business address for WebwordsUS, LLC, where I edit books, design and maintain websites, and other virtual assistant services.  E-mail: webwords@ymail.com

  2. https://sandramackey.com is now a secure site and includes multiple pages.  E-mail: sm121@att.net

HOME, when it is finished,  will include miscellaneous posts and photos

BOOKS is a page that will display my published  books and Lessons. Be on the lookout for my new book, “When Righteousness and Peace Kiss,” to be released by the end of this year.

WEBSTABLE SOUP will include the monthly blogs that have been written for the past 4 years.  The content is the same, but the address is changed to: https://sandramackey.com/webstablesoup .  This page is still under construction.

PANDI’S BOUTIQUE is a store I share with two of my girlfriends to promote and sell our crafts and fashions.

ELVIS STUFF FOR SALE is just that!  My Elvis memorabilia from 1956 – today is for sale.  Ghost of Memphis is a separate page under this heading that  displays my Elvis drawings.  This page is still under construction as well.

WOW!  Since retiring, I wonder how I ever had time to work!  I’m loving my life and thank God for all my blessings!  One of which may be YOU if you have read this far!

God bless!