Study of Women in the Church

Topical Lessons for Study Groups

When we seek to know God, the Church is integral to the journey. We cannot know God—as God longs
to be known—apart from the Church. God has given us three gifts to know him and his will for our lives:

1. The Holy Spirit
2. The Holy Scriptures
3. The Holy Community

The Holy Spirit is God living in us. There is no greater way to know God than to walk in the Spirit. The
Holy Scriptures place us in the story of God, describing for us who God is and how God lives and moves
among his people. The Holy Community is the temple of the Lord, rising together to become a dwelling
in which God lives by his Spirit (Ephesians 2:21-22). It is in the body of Christ that we learn to discern
together the way we should live, worship, and serve.
As we begin this 2019 study on women in the life, leadership, and ministry of our church, we will lean
into these three powerful gifts to fully reflect the desire of God for our church. The North Atlanta
women who served on the Gender Task Team shared with the elders how important it was that they
came to know each other, respect and love each other, and ultimately to trust each other. This was a
process of sharing and receiving each other. We will begin this first session with some questions to lay
this essential foundation.

1. Where did you grow up and what are some of your formative spiritual experiences?
2. Where did you learn to study the Bible?
3. Where do you do your best thinking? How important will that place be to you in this series?
4. When do you do your best thinking? How will you make the best use of these times?
5. How do you do your best thinking, and who will help you do your best thinking?
6. How will you help others in the group do their best thinking