About Barry Smith

In the late 1970s, when my family lived in Smyrna, Georgia, we worshiped at  the Smyrna church of Christ, where my husband was the minister.  There came a young, single, dedicated, Christian man just out of college, who was starting a new chapter in his life.  Since his family was not nearby, we more or less adopted him into our family and he ate at our table and mingled with our almost adult children and worked with my husband in numerous projects.

We were delighted when he brought a lovely young Christian woman from Alabama to our home and introduced her as his bride to be.  We were prominent in his wedding and in their lives. We played with their first two children as if they were our grandchildren, until they moved out of town to begin another journey in their lives.  Then the distance was not conducive to frequent visits as their other children were born, but we have always delighted in our loving connections.

Time passes, and now they have grandchildren of their own!!

Barry was called to be a missionary. He has been GIFTED with the ability to teach and is articulate in proclaiming and communicating God’s Word with compassion and love. He and his family have dedicated their lives to The Sudan Project.  

World Missions | The Sudan Project

My family and I have been tremendously blessed having Barry and his family in our lives. This page is my effort to give back in a way that I can by promoting this worthy project and introducing it to those who visit my website every now and then.

Blessings, Sandra

Please consider donating anything you can to the challenging needs of these people of Sudan.  The link below with tell you about Susan.

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