December 2017 – Step Into Service – E

EXUBERANT PERSUADER Peter – Matthew 16:15-19; 26:31-35, 69-75; Acts 2:14-16; 10:23-29; Gal. 2:11-14

Esther – Esther 7 and 8


Exuberant Persuaders are motivators, verbally aggressive, outgoing, impatient and independent.  They are very much social animals.  They like to play, but they know when to work.  They get along with and can easily motivate or persuade all types of people.  They are generally cheerful, talkative, and at ease with strangers.  They have the ability to create and maintain a pleasant atmosphere of goodwill and are considerate of other people’s feelings.

These people enjoy being recognized for work accomplished and goals attained.  They seek popularity and are likely to be flashy dressers.  They usually enjoy the attention that their sometimes gregarious behavior attracts.


Exuberant Persuaders are seen as being positive, energetic, self-reliant, and uninhibited, but they may appear superficial, and to some extent, phony.  They are sometimes seen as possessing stubborn determination to control events and people.  They may tend to be self-indulgent and undisciplined with time and responsibilities, yet, their friendly persuasion is contagious and often exhilarating and charming.  They are loyal friends and a personal cheering section for causes they believe in.


They may tend to trust too much; to overestimate other people, and therefore, expect more than they get in return.  At times they may talk too much, act impulsively, and jump to conclusions.  They would do well to learn when and how to tone down their enthusiasm to keep from over-selling and over-committing themselves.

Charismatic Poor listener
Confident Self-centered
Enthusiastic Emotional
Persuasive Impulsive
Stimulating Overconfident
Optimistic Too trusting