November 2017 – Step Into Service – T



Barnabas       Acts 9:26, 27; 11:21-26

The Marys    Matthew 27:56, 61; Mark 15:40, 41

Luke 2:4; 8:1-3; 10:39; John 11:1-3



These people thrive in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where there is security, and warm-hearted congeniality. They are usually even-tempered, emotionally mature, and unobtrusive.  A Trustworthy Supporter enjoys seeing other people reach their goals and will do their best to assist in those accomplishments.  They enjoy being appreciated for their contributions to goals reached and work all the harder when credit is given to their efforts.

They are patient and controlled, setting their own pace and sticking to it.  They strive to maintain the status quo and often resist change.  But they are doggedly loyal and fiercely possessive of family and friends and they maintain close relationships with relatively few people.  Easy-going, calm and caring, it is hard not to like these people who, even under stress, usually project a relatively unruffled, undisturbed appearance.

Usually conservative, stable, sociable, and dependable, they are not easily swayed when their minds have been made up.  However, they may have a tendency to conceal perceived grievances and hold a grudge if someone offends them.


Trustworthy Supporters are seen as quiet, relaxed, amiable, predictable, self-controlled, down-to-earth people who ask only that they are appreciated for what they strive to contribute to the benefit of relationships and projects.  People are naturally drawn to them because of their warmth, sympathy, empathy, and understanding.


Sometimes Trustworthies have difficulty standing up for themselves and may allow more dominant people to run over them.  And because they resist change and have trouble accepting new ideas, they may feel threatened by criticism and end up with hurt feelings.


  Accommodating   Confrontation-adverse
  Patient   Possessive
  Good listener   Non-demonstrative
  Calm   Lenient
  Dependable   Apathetic
  Self-controlled   Conceal feelings

For the next few months, I will share these lessons with you in Webstable Soup.  I hope you enjoy the journey into service.